What Kind of Book Will you Write?



Cheers to prosperous start of 2014!


How’s your Progress?



With the Holidays now at our doorstep, there’s been less time to write, but here is a quick collage holding myself accountable to the promises I made last week.

Beginning clockwise:
4 runs in preparation for my upcoming 5K using my C25K Free app

Volunteer time at City Hall wrapping gifts for a Toy Giveaway

Food prep – although not sure of the health value of short ribs

Much-needed manicure

What have you done this past week? Add it to the comments below!

Happy Holidays!

Volunteering at City Hall



The local City Hall organizes a Toy Giveaway for underprivileged children in the community. Volunteers wrapped gifts for kids up to 12-years old. I met some great people and was moved by the generosity of strangers who donated such wonderful toys! I’m so excited for the wonderful surprises that await the children! Happy Holidays!

I came, I saw, I ran…



A journey begins with a single step. Taking care of yourself is a holistic approach – equal care is required for the mind, body & soul.

Practicing what I preach…3 of 7 Complete



Started the day with an early morning viewing of The Best Man: Holiday. Who could resist the eye candy? If you are a fan of the first film, you will enjoy the sequel. The cast chemistry continues and the story hits both tender and fun notes.

No point in making turkey for 1, so I opted for my beloved, Dominos, for pizza and wings! (Be sure to tip generously, we may be home on Thanksgiving, but they are out in the cold delivering our food).

What better way to pair my pizza than with a little NFL football? Oakland Raiders at Dallas Cowboys is the second of three games on tap for today.

Before the night is done, I plan on seeing at least one episode of House of Cards. Netflix, you’ve been warned!

How are you spending Thanksgiving? Leave comments below.